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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy courses for groups

The brain and mind can be specifically trained in order to train emotional well-being. The body, thoughts, emotions and actions are dynamically interlinked dimensions and are considered as a whole. Neuroscientific research shows that short, mindful exercises every day help us to manage our attention more consciously, improve our concentration, reduce stress and be more satisfied and more effectively present for ourselves and others. Self-management, resilience and calmness are increased.

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Course description MBCT Basic

An example of a possible course offer - online or in your organization - content and duration can be adapted to the needs of your organization.

An 8-week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course to practice and strengthen mindful awareness

Time pressure, constant change and balancing multiple tasks at the same time lead us to react and function rather than create and influence effectively. The result is restlessness, irritability, stress and exhaustion. Mindfulness is a form of self-management that enables us to deal with the challenges we face in a more resource-oriented way. Simple yet effective techniques such as mindfulness meditation help us to step out of our autopilot and approach ourselves and our environment with more clarity and appreciation. Neuroscientific studies show that just eight weeks of mindfulness training can bring about structural and functional changes in regions of the brain associated with the regulation of attention, self-awareness, emotions and bodily sensations.

There is ample evidence that people with increased mindfulness

  • cope more effectively with change, 
  • experience more focus and well-being,
  • are less prone to stress, anxiety, recurrent depression
Mindfulness training is an evidence-based program. MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) was originally developed for people with recurrent depression. Research has shown that MBCT is useful for all of us who repeatedly get stuck in thought loops and ruminations that prevent us from being present and taking good care of ourselves and others.

MBCT Basic has been adapted ("finding peace in a frantic world") and is aimed at a broad public. It is mainly taught in universities, organizations, hospitals, schools and even in the British Parliament. The meditations are shorter than in MBCT Classic.

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